We design experiences and tell stories to inspire personal and collective transformation.

Kin is an agency for social change. We work with sustainable tourism leaders and social innovators to craft immersive experiences to engage mindful travelers and creative activists in powering solutions to priority challenges in the communities and ecosystems we serve.

This takes the shape in different offerings: Journeys (or "Impact Vacations") to unlock an inspiring relationship with local communities and ecosystems - and Accelerators, to put teams of Creative Activists to work in support of leading conservation and humanitarian initiatives. 

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Just as travel can degrade local communities and ecosystems, it can also be a powerful force for regenerating and fortifying them when designed with intention.


Our Journeys are crafted from in-depth research and partnership building, resulting in a super-insider vacation that is uniquely inspiring. They are hosted by, and beneficial to the local community and ecosystem you travel to connect with.


These experiences are either shared with like-minded adventurers in groups we build throughout the year, or we can work with you to build around your group, family, business, or private trips.

Kin Travel's trip in Kenya is in partnership with Cottar's 1920's Camp, one of the most sustainable travel companies in the world, celebrating their 100th year anniversary in 2019 as the first registered safari outfitter in Africa. We make home in their 6000 acre private reserve and gorgeous camp and embark in Landcruisers with guides, spotters, new friends and gin & tonics to track game, throw spears with Maasai and dig into their pioneering conservation and community work. 

Kenya Kin Travel-Jodee Debes Photography

Kin Haiti is Kin Travel's first beloved creation. A fifteen-room safari camp on a private, 150 acre beach property and a 6-day journey into the hidden paradise of Haiti's north coast. It exists to serve remote mountain villages and a vulnerable ecosystem. It involves a private chef, a yoga instructor, a 62 foot-yacht, village visits, vodou drums, night swimming under infinite stars and a jungle family born around the fire. 


Kin Wyoming

A winter safari in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, designed in partnership with National Geographic Unique Lodge of the World, The Bentwood Inn, a 7-room craftsman lodge in an old growth Cottonwood forest at the edge of the Grand Teton National Park and Elk Refuge. It's a dive into one of America's most extraordinary ecosystem corridors and Western ski towns wrestling with the largest income gap in the country.

Kin Travel Haitian Locals

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