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Travel is one of the largest industries in the world - third largest in spending behind chemicals and fuel and ahead of food! Last year alone we spent 2.3 trillion dollars (indirectly 7.6 trillion dollars), yet most of it is extractive and degrades the very communities and ecosystems we travel to connect with.

As travelers search for value-aligned providers, providers who've earned their pulpit struggle to rise above the noise.

Our mission is to serve both sides of this equation by connecting a new generation of travelers to a new generation of sustainability providers, leverage more resources for non-profit and social enterprise and unlock the potential of travel to act as a greater force for good.

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Kin was founded by Brian Jones, his dear friend Mark Somen and a huge family of teachers and friends. Brian ran a children's home and school in Kenya called Flying Kites and fell in love with safari as a design language, experiential blueprint and resource conduit for conservation and community work.


He spent three years writing on sticky notes, learning from patient teachers, and incubating a concept that centered on a deployable form of hospitality built to embody sustainability and invest with ambition in social impact to open a doorway for experience. A few loving people took a chance on him and he set off in search of a place to pilot with a focus on Indigenous people in the Americas. From dugout canoes in the Darien to ranch conversations with Navajo, Blackfeet and Hawaiians, Brian was led to Haiti, a place that felt so culturally inspiring, where an extraordinary family unlocked something magical.

To create the change Kin aspires to see, it became clear we'd need to think beyond the infrastructure alone, so the concept evolved to serve the teachers who brought it all into being - the pioneers of sustainable travel. 

Because we're all inextricably connected and it's time we start acting like it.

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